Millie’s New Purple Bike!


So the other day we went shopping for Millie her first bike. Of course as soon as she spotted the purple one with Repunzel on the wheel, she was in aw! So the purple one with the blonde haired girl is what we went with. She did really well on her new bike. I cannot take full credit for this though. 😉 (Brooke, thank you!) My good friend Brooke was actually the one who first taught Millie how to pedal on a bike….Stephen and I had the hard part of putting it together. Do not even get me started on that! We are not the handiest parents when it comes to putting toys and things together. Brooks was very interested in the Cars bike. I am thinking in just a few more months he will be ready for one!!


Sunday Afternoon and Some 4th of July…..


We went to church, came home and ate lunch, took naps, and then woke up to watch Stephen cut the grass off the back porch. It was a peaceful and restful day!! I spent it with all my loves and feel so rested today…I guess that is why I am blogging. 😉


And my girly girl without a doubt. Anytime there are sparkly shoes, headbands, makeup, and twirly dresses, you will find Millie!


Millie and Brooks Dedication


Last weekend we had Millie and Brooks dedicated at our church. We stood in front of the church (along with 30+ other families) and dedicated our children to God and the church. We want them to grow up in a Christian Home and to be surrounded with Christian friends. We know that it is our responsibility as parents to instill God’s Word into both of their hearts at a young age. With this being said, I ask that you will pray for Stephen and myself, that we make good decisions, and demonstrate living lives that line up to God’s Word. That we will study the word in front of and with our children. Also that we will pray with our children. I think this is so important. I lived with my grandparents for a few years and the something that I realized when I first moved in with them was my Mema’s quiet time with the Lord. She was up before everyone else either in “her chair” or, in the colder months, next to her “wood burning stove.” On the mornings that I had off from work we would lay on the floor together and both do our daily devotionals. This was life changing for me. The best way to start the day, in my opinion. I am just thankful that I had her to demonstrate this. Thank you Martha Ellen for passing down your legacy!

Up From The Grave He Arose!


Yes, I am just now blogging about Easter! Please forgive me as my personal blog has fallen to the bottom of my “to do list”. It seems like this time of year I get busy with photography and just don’t get around to this blog as often as I would like. I could not go without showing off some pictures of my side of the family this year at Easter though! I love spending time with my family, eating good country food, hunting easter eggs with the kids, and just catching up with everyone!! Good times! Family, I did order everyone a copy of the family picture below so next time you are out at Mema and Bob’s you can pick one up!!! Love to you all!

Fishing Fun On The Farm!!!


We went fishing a couple of weekends ago with an old high school friend of mine and her hubby and their kids! We had the best time!! Millie loved hanging out with Samuel and John Luke! They taught her all there is to know about putting a worm on a fish hook to how to cast way out into the pond!! Here are a couple of pictures from our fish fun!! Oh, and if you haven’t stopped by my photography blog you should! There are some really cute pics of the boys over there…

Millie’s Three Year Pics|Brooks’ 18 Month Pics ;)


Our pretty little girl is growing up and just turned three,

so you know what that means….lots of pictures for you and me!

Hop on over to my blog to check the rest out!!!!

Here are some updated pics of Brooks too! I found this neat location and snapped a few of Brooks while we were checking it out!! As many of you know I have a obsession with old rusty trucks and it just so happened that we found another one!!!

Rodeo Fun with the Family!!!


So we decided this weekend kinda spur of the moment to grab the kiddo’s and head to the rodeo!! Yee-ha!! It was so much fun and the kids loved seeing all the cows and horses. Millie loved the rodeo clowns the best though!! Imagine that, I was voted my high school senior “class clown” back in 1999. 😉 I guess I could always go into the rodeo if my other dreams don’t pan out?!

Anyways, we had a bunch of fun and you know we had to all share a funnel cake, some boiled peanuts and some fresh squeezed lemonade!! Mmmm, mmm good!!

(Please excuse the poor phone quality of these pictures)