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Summer Video Part II


Check out our video from our summer vacation!!

Litchfield Beach 2012-Summer Part II from kristin Benton on Vimeo.


Millie and Brooks ♥


Hey Blog Readers! All 2 or 3 of you!! The kids and I played outside today and it was absolutely beautiful!! This kind of weather in February is crazy, but I can’t complain! It’s perfect for riding bikes, picnics in the yard and playing on the playset! (Thank you Mimi and Pop!) I have on my sticky note to do list sitting right here beside me, that I need to blog Christmas 2011 and Brooks’ 2nd Birthday… if you’ve been on the lookout, then stay tuned! I hope to get them posted by the end of the weekend!! Hope you all are enjoying this spring weather in February! XO

Untitled from kristin Benton on Vimeo.

Fall is here….I hope!


Today felt like fall and so the kids and I went outside and played until Stephen came home from work. It was the first day in forever that the kids were content and not “red faced” outside in I don’t know how long. I snapped this pic of Stephen and the kids…..I am so blessed!!! Hope you have a wonderful week!


Litchfield Beach 2011


I am a few months behind on posting our vacation pictures from July, but it’s been busy since we’ve been back and I am just now getting around to it! I did not take as many as I normally do, but here is a peak of the one’s I did take!!! Thank you Clarke and Bob for having us again!! We always enjoy staying at your beach house and spending time with you guys!!