Millie’s New Purple Bike!


So the other day we went shopping for Millie her first bike. Of course as soon as she spotted the purple one with Repunzel on the wheel, she was in aw! So the purple one with the blonde haired girl is what we went with. She did really well on her new bike. I cannot take full credit for this though. 😉 (Brooke, thank you!) My good friend Brooke was actually the one who first taught Millie how to pedal on a bike….Stephen and I had the hard part of putting it together. Do not even get me started on that! We are not the handiest parents when it comes to putting toys and things together. Brooks was very interested in the Cars bike. I am thinking in just a few more months he will be ready for one!!

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  1. It is so wonderful to see the pictures. I do love the purple bike. The kids are just growing up too quick. I love the picture with Stephen working on the bike and Millie and Brooks looking on. I look almost every day and see if there is anything new. thanks for making me smile.

  2. Thanks Margie!!! Next time we are in Charlotte we really do need to get together so you and the kids can meet in person! Thanks for caring about our little family the way you do!! It means a lot!!! XO

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