Up From The Grave He Arose!


Yes, I am just now blogging about Easter! Please forgive me as my personal blog has fallen to the bottom of my “to do list”. It seems like this time of year I get busy with photography and just don’t get around to this blog as often as I would like. I could not go without showing off some pictures of my side of the family this year at Easter though! I love spending time with my family, eating good country food, hunting easter eggs with the kids, and just catching up with everyone!! Good times! Family, I did order everyone a copy of the family picture below so next time you are out at Mema and Bob’s you can pick one up!!! Love to you all!

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  1. Beautiful children – they look so cute in their outfits. Brooks lookes like he is running instead of walking. Love the picture of the family. John & I had a great trip to Las Vegas with Meme & Pop. Talked about all the pictures of the family and what a good photographer u are. Thanks for again for sharing.

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