Fishing Fun On The Farm!!!


We went fishing a couple of weekends ago with an old high school friend of mine and her hubby and their kids! We had the best time!! Millie loved hanging out with Samuel and John Luke! They taught her all there is to know about putting a worm on a fish hook to how to cast way out into the pond!! Here are a couple of pictures from our fish fun!! Oh, and if you haven’t stopped by my photography blog you should! There are some really cute pics of the boys over there…

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  1. Kristin – I loved, loved, loved all of the pictures. Your photography is amazing – you really do a wonderful job. What an amazing talent. Tks for sharing them with me thur the blog and thru Millie’s wesite. I enjoy seeing everyone so much. Keep up the good work. You will be famous one day – if you aren’t already. What happy memories you make for everyone. Hayden is adorable. thanks again for taking me to a happy place. Margie

  2. Pop is here with me this morning getting his expense report done. I showed him your fishing pictures. He loved them and said “Look at all those fish”! He sends his love and me to.

  3. Aw thanks Pop and Margie!!! There were a lot of fish!! Sending our love right back at cha! Thanks for your sweet comments and keeping up with our lives!!! XO

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