Fun Babysitting!!!!


I kept Reagan a while ago and forgot I had snapped a few pictures of them together!!! We played outside, played with dolls, ate some lunch and watched TinkerBell! I am so glad that Millie has Reagan to grow up with and I am especially glad that Brooke and I can help each other out with kids if need be! It’s nice to have a friend close by that I can count on and vice versa!!! Brooke, I’m looking forward to keeping Reagan again for your Birthday and Anniversary!!! Lots of Love to the Gilmore Girls!!!!!!!


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  1. Thank you so much for posting these pictures. I think about Brooke and wonder how Ragan would look. She is a pretty little girl and gotten so big. Looks like she and Millie & Brooks are having such a good time. I really appreicate you posting these pictures so that I would keep up with them. Tell Brooke I said hello. Thanks again.

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