Millie is 3


These were taken on Millie’s actual Birthday…April 4th! Daddy called to tell Millie he was bringing her home a present…….

Birthday Hugs for Millie…..

Please excuse the pile of folded laundry in the background…  😉

Thank you Stephen for being such a good “girl dad”!

This weekend we were going to have Millie a Tinkerbell Birthday Party with all of her friends and cousins, but she came down with the stomach bug on Thursday. We decided to cancel her party and reschedule it. Poor thing has been saying her tummy hurts for 3 days now and hasn’t eaten more than a few bites here and there. Last weekend Mimi, Pop, Mema and Griffin all came down for the weekend to celebrate Millie’s birthday which was wonderful. We had her cousins JC and Benton and Aunt Taylor and Uncle John over on Saturday for dinner and play time! Millie is one loved little girl and blessed to have such a wonderful family! Thanks everyone for making her feel so special!


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  1. I love all the pictures – it is so hard to believe that she is 3. I never forget her birthday – she was born on mine & John’s wedding anniversary. All the pictures were wonderful. I love the picture with her hands on her hips. Brooks is getting almost as big as Millie. Thank you for keeping the pictures posted I really do enjoy them. What a beautiful family. Hope she is feeling better. Thanks again for sharing with me.

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