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Rodeo Fun with the Family!!!


So we decided this weekend kinda spur of the moment to grab the kiddo’s and head to the rodeo!! Yee-ha!! It was so much fun and the kids loved seeing all the cows and horses. Millie loved the rodeo clowns the best though!! Imagine that, I was voted my high school senior “class clown” back in 1999. 😉 I guess I could always go into the rodeo if my other dreams don’t pan out?!

Anyways, we had a bunch of fun and you know we had to all share a funnel cake, some boiled peanuts and some fresh squeezed lemonade!! Mmmm, mmm good!!

(Please excuse the poor phone quality of these pictures)


Fun Babysitting!!!!


I kept Reagan a while ago and forgot I had snapped a few pictures of them together!!! We played outside, played with dolls, ate some lunch and watched TinkerBell! I am so glad that Millie has Reagan to grow up with and I am especially glad that Brooke and I can help each other out with kids if need be! It’s nice to have a friend close by that I can count on and vice versa!!! Brooke, I’m looking forward to keeping Reagan again for your Birthday and Anniversary!!! Lots of Love to the Gilmore Girls!!!!!!!

Millie is 3


These were taken on Millie’s actual Birthday…April 4th! Daddy called to tell Millie he was bringing her home a present…….

Birthday Hugs for Millie…..

Please excuse the pile of folded laundry in the background…  😉

Thank you Stephen for being such a good “girl dad”!

This weekend we were going to have Millie a Tinkerbell Birthday Party with all of her friends and cousins, but she came down with the stomach bug on Thursday. We decided to cancel her party and reschedule it. Poor thing has been saying her tummy hurts for 3 days now and hasn’t eaten more than a few bites here and there. Last weekend Mimi, Pop, Mema and Griffin all came down for the weekend to celebrate Millie’s birthday which was wonderful. We had her cousins JC and Benton and Aunt Taylor and Uncle John over on Saturday for dinner and play time! Millie is one loved little girl and blessed to have such a wonderful family! Thanks everyone for making her feel so special!