Not much to write about today……just out enjoying this wonderful day! We’ve all been sick the last 2-1/2 weeks with either the ugly stomach bug, coughs, colds and allergies. I’m just ready for everyone to be healthy again. Maybe this 2nd round of antibiotics the kids are on will get rid of their aweful cough! We have watched Tinkerbell at least 20 times in the past 3 days! These are the days of my life, right?!

****On another note, please be praying for my brother Justin and sister-n-law Meghan to have a good delivery this week! Baby Hayden is due any day now! I’m so excited I will finally get to meet this little miracle we’ve all been praying for the last year! ****

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  1. The kids look like they are enjoying their time outside. I laughed and laughed at them running around in PJ’s. Great pictures and thanks for letting us glimpse into their day. I heard that Baby Hayden may be born today. I hope all goes well. They are in our prayers.

    Hope everyone feels better soon. If I can do anything please holler at me.

  2. Let me try this again. Love the pictures – may get 2 post from me. Love the pj pictures – look like they are having so much fun. Hope new baby has arrived and all is well. Thanks again for letting me share the pictures

  3. Happy Birthday – Millie – It is hard to believe that you are 3 years old. Hope you are having a wonderful day. Love, Margie

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