Superbowl Sunday!


We just finished watching the Superbowl and I am exhausted from a long weekend but I wanted to share a few fun pictures from the weekend! Just a sidenote for any of you who look for updated pics of the kids, Millie who used to love to ham it up for the camera has developed a little case of “photographers child syndrome” she refuses to look at me when I have my camera in hand. Perhaps its also a good reminder to me that all pictures don’t have to be perfect. She’s mine, she’s healthy and sweet and full of energy and although technically these are not fabulous, they are still my babies totally unscripted and unposed which I love!  So what I am saying is don’t forget to pick up your camera and take some snapshots of your children and hubby. After all, they don’t have to be perfect! Happy Shooting!


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  1. Love them – Brooks loves to “fly”. These are really good pictures. Millie is still precious whether she wants her picture taken or not. Keep them coming – I love them

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