Some Fun in the Snow #2


So three post in one day! Well, I told you faithful readers (all 2 of you) and you know who you are, that I would be giving this blog some TLC! 😉 So here is a glimpse of our fun out in the snow! The number one best thing about having a steep driveway is great sledding! We spent hours outside with Millie (and Brooks when he wasn’t sleeping) going up and down up and down! We had the best time and I hate to say it but I kinda hope we get some more snow this year! That week of being snowed in was the best vacation I’ve had in a while! We were so lucky we kept power which made it that much better! Hot cocoa, warm fires, movies, all my favorite people in the world! Praying we get “snowed in” again!

About to make some snow cream! If you have never made it you MUST! It’s the perfect snack after a fun day in the snow!


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  1. What fun in the snow and in the park. I love the pictures – looks like the kids and you and stephen had fun too. I will pray it snows more – I love the pictures in the park too. The kids are so precious and I really look forward everyday to seeing what new post might be on your blog. Thanks again for letting me be apart of your family thru pictures. Your photography work is soooooooooooo wonderful. Have a good week!

  2. Thanks Margie for the sweet comments! You are one of our top followers and we so love you for caring so much about us! I hope to see you soon!
    Oh, and yes, pray for more snow! We had too much fun for it not to happen again!
    Have a good week!

  3. Looks like everyone of you enjoyed the snow! Wish Pop and I could have been there to play with you! I hope you get some more snow BUT I am so ready for spring. Today was a gorgeous day and I enjoyed being outside. Hope you got out this weekend to enjoy it.

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