It’s already the end of January and I’m just now blogging about Christmas in Charlotte!


Well, better late than never they say! I promise I will get this thing caught up! It’s been so crazy around here with little one’s running around sick, the snow/ice storm we had a couple of weeks ago, and just getting back into our normal routine is always a task! Anyhow, here is a glimpse of what our Christmas looked like this past year!




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  1. Kristin – thank you so much – I had asked Steve about pictures. I just love seeing them. The green outfits are so precious on the kids. I enjoy these pictures so much. Love the princess outfit. It was good to see pictures of Mary, Gwen & Bruce – Looks like everyone had a wonderful time. Thanks again for sharing these with me. I know you are extremely busy with kids getting bigger and your business – but you are the BEST!

  2. I just love your pictures and your beautiful family!! I love seeing the joy on Millie’s face with her baby doll 🙂 What a special Christmas!!! Love you all.

  3. Love all the pictures from Christmas! They are so good of everyone and wonderful memories of our family time. We can come to your blog and see them again. It was fun to all be together!

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