Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree…. :0


We went this week (in the rain) to pick out our Christmas tree. In the years past Stephen and I have either put up our artificial tree, or a teeny-tiny tree when we lived in the townhouse. This year with the Millie and Brooks being older we wanted to make Christmas really special and get a bigger tree! We normally do white lights, but I thought the colored lights would be fun for the kids ….I kinda like them too! 😀 We had a relaxed night by the fire putting up the tree and lights. I am still looking for a bow maker to make me a bow with some vintage green ribbon I found at an antique shop! I will take pictures once my tree vision is complete!  It’s so much fun making family traditions! I hope you are making some!

PS-Brooks was already asleep while all this was going on!


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  1. Love the tree – love the pictures – A little bird told me Millie wasn’t thrilled with “Ho-Ho” (Santa) This Christmas will be fun with both kids being excited about Christmas. Have a Happy Holiday and thanks for sharing your life with us in pictures. I like the colored lights too.

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