Monthly Archives: November 2010

Breakfast of Champions….


This morning I was reminded of the things I have to be greatful for. 1 being my very silly little girl who makes me laugh all the time. During our routine breakfast I had to grab my camera when I looked up over my coffee cup to see Miss Millie sporting her shades while chomping on her wheat squares!  She has the cutest style….she picked these out all by herself! Very sassy!  Brooks and her giggle and laugh every morning over breakfast. Sweet sweet times……so much to be Thankful for! Happy Friday!

Brooks turns 1


For Brooks’ 1 Year Birthday we went to Charlotte and celebrated with a smash cake and icing galore!


This was the cake before the smash party began….

Here is a glimpse of the whole process…looks like fun right? ;))




Happy Birthday sweet sweet Brooks Roy! We love you so much.