Happy Wednesday!!


Just wanted to stop by and say hello from our clan to yours! We have had a very busy couple of weeks but I have not forgotten about my readers!! (Margie and Nancy!)

The kids are doing great and playing together so sweetly. As you can see Millie would love to have her nap time with Baby Brooks everyday! Brooks is walking all over the place now and Millie is talking up a storm. More pictures to come soon!!


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  1. I just signed on to see if there was anything new and there was! There are both so cute. I miss them. Brooks is the little man now and Millie is an angel. Mimi misses them both. Just a week..

  2. Thanks Kristin – I love the pictures. What lucky little ones to have such a good Mom & Dad. Birthday boy will be 1 on Friday – it is hard to believe a year has passed. Thanks for sending pictures thru out the year so that I could seem them change and grow. They are sooooo precious. Tks again.

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