Potty Trained and Walking…and some exciting news!


Yes, we are finally potty trained!!! Yahoooooooo!!! Brooks is walking now too! Can you believe it? He is such a handsome little thing and Millie surprises me with something new everyday! She is so smart and gets more beautiful by the day! She is starting to put sentences together so good! She is very smart I must say! I am so proud of my two little beans and all the little things that accomplish each day! They make me so proud!!! Here are just a couple of snapshots taken on the first official day of fall!!! Even though it’s still 96 degrees I will take any sort of breeze that comes with fall! I am ready for thick chunky sweaters, fires, hot chocolate, cowboy boots and cool nights with my sweet family!! Happy Wednesday to all!!

PS. My little brother Justin and his wife Meghan are expecting so I’m going to be an AUNT AGAIN!!!! Congrats to you both—you are going to be AMAZING PARENTS!!!

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  1. I can’t wait to see Brooks walking. Loved the video you sent me. He did a great job and didn’t even lose his balance. His hair is really growing too. He is adorable if I do say so myself. Miss Millie is beautiful too. Can’t believe she is getting the hang of potty training. What a big girl…

  2. Love the pictures and the kids – as Nancy said they are beautiful children. Brooks has the most beautiful blue eyes. Both kids are so beautiful. Thanks again for sharing with us.

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