Today we….


Hung out around the house, played dress up with not just Millie’s dolls, but her and Brooks! You see Millie is really into dressing herself and piecing together outfits. At the moment  she prefers animal prints and bright colors!! I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree eh!

Brooks is on the verge of being a walker….he just needs to let go! But hey, who am I rushing? 😉 He can take his time and walk whenever his little heart desires….

We also had our usual bath-time so I grabbed the camera and snapped some shots of both of them….I love bath time pictures for some reason and it’s been a while since I took some! :0

Enjoy this little peak into our day-to-day Monday routine!!

Millie swaddling her doll-baby!

Handsome lil thing!

Sweet sweet girl..

Crawling, scootin’, almost a walkin’…

Bath time + pitcher + Millie=Silly picture!

Water bug Millie practicing her bubble blowing!

She is so beautiful!

More bubbles

Lil’ man in the sink bath!

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  1. Adorable children – you do such a good job taking pictures of them. They are real something special. I just love seeing their pictures. Tks

  2. Kristin love the pictures of the kids. They are both so adorable! Brooks will be walking any day. Hopefully this weekend…. Millie is coming into her own personality. She just melts my heart. Can’t wait to see them.

    • Thanks Nancy! I love them so so much!!! That would be fun if Brooks walks this weekend for you all! And yes, Millie melts my heart too…she is growing up! Looking forward to seeing you guys too!

  3. Hey – I hear Brooks is walking – I know that your hands are really full now. Thanks again for letting me be a your lives thru pictures.

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