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Today we….


Hung out around the house, played dress up with not just Millie’s dolls, but her and Brooks! You see Millie is really into dressing herself and piecing together outfits. At the moment  she prefers animal prints and bright colors!! I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree eh!

Brooks is on the verge of being a walker….he just needs to let go! But hey, who am I rushing? 😉 He can take his time and walk whenever his little heart desires….

We also had our usual bath-time so I grabbed the camera and snapped some shots of both of them….I love bath time pictures for some reason and it’s been a while since I took some! :0

Enjoy this little peak into our day-to-day Monday routine!!

Millie swaddling her doll-baby!

Handsome lil thing!

Sweet sweet girl..

Crawling, scootin’, almost a walkin’…

Bath time + pitcher + Millie=Silly picture!

Water bug Millie practicing her bubble blowing!

She is so beautiful!

More bubbles

Lil’ man in the sink bath!


Family Picture Day!


Check out our fabulous new pictures! We tried at the beach to get at least one good family picture but failed miserably! So here we were today snapping away until we finally got at least one of us all looking in the same direction!! It was truly a miracle and one that is definitely being blown up and hung up!!!

Momma + Her Boy!

Brooks, you have to be the most photogenic baby ever!!! I love you bud!

Summer Vacation |Litchfield Beach 2010|Pawleys Island South Carolina


We are finally back and settled from an amazing 7 days at the beach. These pictures only show a glimpse of all the smiles and fun made….we also want to thank Mrs. Clarke for letting us use her beachhouse again…so thank you Clarke. So many wonderful memories are made each year at your beautiful home.

Millie with her Pop!

Another attempt of the cousin shot…are they not adorable???

This was everyone (minus Mimi) coming back from a walk to the inlet…..

Another cousin picture….we bribed them with m&m’s and candy! Benton is not falling for it!

One of my favorite memories was Uncle Griffin and Millie’s time together! Each time she would see him from afar she would get all giggly and start running towards him… sweet.

The Motley Crew! The boys wanted to be pirates that day….precious!

These are the moments that I took in…..priceless.

Brooks playing in the inlet for the first time….brings me back to just last year when Millie was playing in the exact same spot.

One of Millie’s treasures she found…..

Soaking it all in!

In love with him!

After a long day at the pool and then out for a walk to the inlet, ahhhhh, the life!



Our beach friend Leaella!

A not so happy girl, she was ready for the pool…not a picture!

Pooped to no end….


This was a random girl riding her bike on the beach…loved the colors in this one

Learning to share…

Mimi and Pop with all their grandchildren.