{A Better Late than never} Fathers Day Post!


I wanted to post a few pictures of Stephen with the kids in celebration of Fathers Day! I know I am a little late on doing these but I just wanted to give props to Stephen! I cannot begin to explain what an amazing “Deddy” he is to Millie and Brooks. I sometimes call him the “mother-hen” because he will act like one when it comes to his little chicks!! Stephen, you truly are the best when it comes to showing patience, love, kindness as well as spending quality time, changing diapers, making meals, picking up, etc. Thank you for being the biggest provider in so many ways!! Thank you for putting food on the table for us to eat, a roof over our heads, a nice vehicle for us to cruise to the grocery store in 😉 and all the little acts of kindness you do each day to show how much you care. I am so so blessed to have married a man that is as committed to their children as much as you have been and still are!  There is nothing more that I could ever ask for! I love you and Happy Fathers Day…..late. 😉 Here’s a little walk down memory lane!!

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  1. Awwwww that was so nice! Stephen is the best Dad. Great pictures of Stephen with Millie and Brooks. They are all so cute. Heres to you -Stephen. I am proud of you and all you do……

  2. What a wonderful compliment you paid Stephen. He is really a great dad and husband. I know he feels lucky to have such a wonderful family. Pictures were so great!

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