Brooks is 8 months old. Say it aint so!


My little handsome bean is 8 months old! So I did what us mama’s do and took pictures for my special little boy. He is such a good good boy and I love him to the moon and back….and I am 100% certain he feels the same way about me too! I cannot put him down for flat second without him crawling to find me and then attach himself to my ankle! Sometimes I have to literally “peel” him off. 😉 It’s the cutest thing…(when I’m not busy or trying to get a simple task completed!) I treasure each and every single day with him right now because he is in the transformation period of baby to toddler (which makes me super uber sad!) Good things come with the “getting older” stages I know. It’s just that you can’t get those baby moments back so I try to soak it all in. Brooks is really a great baby and has been from the start. Even right now he is cutting 4 top teethe and is still pretty well tempered and sleeping thru the night for the most part. He’s one tough cookie that’s for sure! Brooks is climbing anything and everything he can get his hands on..even if it means falling flat on his face, bumping his head, or getting a little bruised up. When he sets his mind to doing something he does it! I just love him to the moon and back and we are so so blessed to have these two little rascals and all be in good health! I cherish each day at home with my sweet butterbeans….(yes, they sometimes drag on and on and on and I cannot wait for Stephen to walk thru the front door), but they are sweet and short so I have to remind myself that I am very blessed to be at home with them not missing a single minute of them growing up! Happy Parenting!!

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  1. Kristin – the pictures are all so good. Brooks looks adorable. You do such a good job capturing all the moments. One day you will look back and be so glad you have them.

  2. He is so cute and really getting big. It is hard to believe that so much time has past. Thank you for sharing him in pictures with us. Steve has told me your business is doing GREAT and I can see why. You capture so many wonderful moments with the kids. I look forward to seeing them.

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