Memorial Day in the Mountains!


This past weekend we went up to the mountains for a little get-a-way! We had the best time hanging out with Mimi, Pop, Griffin, Maw, Bogey, Maddie-Mae and Remi!!

Here’s a little bit of what we did:

Hung out on the front porch…

Took pictures out on the front porch…

Took a short walk down the steep hill and came back up….

Played with Bogey…

Tore down a few tree limbs….

Danced to beach music…

Watched Millie love on her grand-parents…

Watched Pop dip Millie a few times…

Watched the two love-birds show off their amazing shag skills…

Watched Mimi show Millie how to shag….

She was very serious about this!

But she let loose a few times too!

Oh how I love my Mimi and Pop!!

Enjoyed the beautiful view off the back porch….

Maw even cut loose!

She even twirled me around like a ballerina!

Dancing makes me feel freeeeee…..

And momma took lots and lots of pictures of me with Maddie-Mae, Remi and Bogey!

We hope you had a great Memorial Day Weekend!!


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  1. Great pictures! We did all have such a good time together. It was a great week-end being all together. Thanks for the great pictures. Millie has made a great start on her shagging.

  2. Thanks Nancy! We had the best time too!!! We really need to go up their more often for the weekends. Let me know which one’s to print that I’ve posted recently and what sizes and I’ll order them and have them mailed directly to you. Yes, she is going to be a shagger I hope!!! You and Pop just need to keep working with her!!!

  3. Those pictures are awesome. She will be a shagger if she hangs out with grand parents. They are good shaggers. Thanks for sharing they were sooooooooooo good.

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