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{A Better Late than never} Fathers Day Post!


I wanted to post a few pictures of Stephen with the kids in celebration of Fathers Day! I know I am a little late on doing these but I just wanted to give props to Stephen! I cannot begin to explain what an amazing “Deddy” he is to Millie and Brooks. I sometimes call him the “mother-hen” because he will act like one when it comes to his little chicks!! Stephen, you truly are the best when it comes to showing patience, love, kindness as well as spending quality time, changing diapers, making meals, picking up, etc. Thank you for being the biggest provider in so many ways!! Thank you for putting food on the table for us to eat, a roof over our heads, a nice vehicle for us to cruise to the grocery store in 😉 and all the little acts of kindness you do each day to show how much you care. I am so so blessed to have married a man that is as committed to their children as much as you have been and still are!  There is nothing more that I could ever ask for! I love you and Happy Fathers Day…..late. 😉 Here’s a little walk down memory lane!!


Brooks is 8 months old. Say it aint so!


My little handsome bean is 8 months old! So I did what us mama’s do and took pictures for my special little boy. He is such a good good boy and I love him to the moon and back….and I am 100% certain he feels the same way about me too! I cannot put him down for flat second without him crawling to find me and then attach himself to my ankle! Sometimes I have to literally “peel” him off. 😉 It’s the cutest thing…(when I’m not busy or trying to get a simple task completed!) I treasure each and every single day with him right now because he is in the transformation period of baby to toddler (which makes me super uber sad!) Good things come with the “getting older” stages I know. It’s just that you can’t get those baby moments back so I try to soak it all in. Brooks is really a great baby and has been from the start. Even right now he is cutting 4 top teethe and is still pretty well tempered and sleeping thru the night for the most part. He’s one tough cookie that’s for sure! Brooks is climbing anything and everything he can get his hands on..even if it means falling flat on his face, bumping his head, or getting a little bruised up. When he sets his mind to doing something he does it! I just love him to the moon and back and we are so so blessed to have these two little rascals and all be in good health! I cherish each day at home with my sweet butterbeans….(yes, they sometimes drag on and on and on and I cannot wait for Stephen to walk thru the front door), but they are sweet and short so I have to remind myself that I am very blessed to be at home with them not missing a single minute of them growing up! Happy Parenting!!

Millie and Momma Photo-Shoot!!


Check out these cute pics Stephen snapped of me and my little bean this weekend! I think I have found my new assistant!!! Stephen really is talented behind the camera! With me always being the one behind the camera I’ve asked Stephen to start making a effort to take more pictures of me with the kids. I know that for me, my most cherished pictures are the one’s of me with my mom and dad when they were young {er}! I know that Brooks and Millie will enjoy looking at the 129387234587 pictures I’ve taken of them as little beans, but they will mostly adore the one’s of their momma and daddy in our {younger} days!!

More to come later in the week of me and Brooks!!!

Memorial Day in the Mountains!


This past weekend we went up to the mountains for a little get-a-way! We had the best time hanging out with Mimi, Pop, Griffin, Maw, Bogey, Maddie-Mae and Remi!!

Here’s a little bit of what we did:

Hung out on the front porch…

Took pictures out on the front porch…

Took a short walk down the steep hill and came back up….

Played with Bogey…

Tore down a few tree limbs….

Danced to beach music…

Watched Millie love on her grand-parents…

Watched Pop dip Millie a few times…

Watched the two love-birds show off their amazing shag skills…

Watched Mimi show Millie how to shag….

She was very serious about this!

But she let loose a few times too!

Oh how I love my Mimi and Pop!!

Enjoyed the beautiful view off the back porch….

Maw even cut loose!

She even twirled me around like a ballerina!

Dancing makes me feel freeeeee…..

And momma took lots and lots of pictures of me with Maddie-Mae, Remi and Bogey!

We hope you had a great Memorial Day Weekend!!