Monthly Archives: May 2010

My litt’l bean is growing up!


I cannot believe that Brooks is now 7 months old!! WOW-time sure does fly when you’re having fun with two little ones! Is he not a cutie pie?? His momma sure thinks so!!

Brooks now has 2 teethe, is crawling, pulling up and eating lots of yummy big boy food!!!


Popsicle’s in the yard!


Here are a few pictures from our weekend!! We just hung out around the house and worked like dogs on getting the yard cleaned up…it really needed some TLC. I wish I would have taken before and after photo’s of the jungle so you could see the transformation!! It feels so good to get yard work done…but then tomorrow we will have weeds again…it’s never ending!

Check out how cute the kiddos are with their popsicles out in the backyard!! I just love the way these turned out!! Happy Monday!!

**This was taken after I picked Brooks up out of his crib and transferred him to his carrier before church!! I just love how relaxed he is…Millie would have never stayed asleep!!

What a week!!


Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!!!!!! Between potty training, teething and trying to get some work done, this week has been a whirl-wind! I know business can be good sometimes but so can quiet! AHHHH, I LOVE THAT WORD!! The older (and wiser) I get, the more I realize how I need quiet in my life a few times a week! It’s good for the soul! 🙂

Anyhow, here are pictures from this week! Millie is really trying hard to potty train but it usually only last until lunch time and we are back to diapers…oh, and Brooks is just a teething little thing these days and army crawlin’ all over the place!! Happy Friday!!