Off to grandma and grandpa’s house we go!


Today we went to visit with Mema and Grand-Bob! Millie loves her Bob and always gets a lot of attention from him! Brooks was scooting along the floor like he was getting ready to start crawling! It seems like whenever we go over to their house Brooks or Millie do something new! Today was the first time Brooks had ever “scooted”. He must have been showing off for them! 🙂 Millie is big time into BIG HAIR BOWS lately (as you can see in the pictures) and their are some ribbons that Mema keeps in her toys that Millie plays with every time we are over at her house. Millie enjoyed putting ribbon in Mema’s hair as they played “dress up”! Afterwards we went to our regular spot “The Butcher Block” in downtown Monroe to have some lunch! We left Monroe to head home right about 12:30 and both the kids were OUT by the time I had them buckled into their carseats! Another fun day with Mema and Bob!! We love you guys!


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  1. Thanks Margie! SHE loves bows too….I hope it’s just a phase she’s going through?!! Hope you are doing ok. xo

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