Hello Blog Stalkers!


Sorry for the long gap in between blogging….it has been quite busy around here lately. Between Millie getting into my makeup bag every five minutes, Brooks teething like a mad man, Stephen trying to get the “jungle” (our yard) situated, and me trying to keep the house together, I’ve had ZERO time to blog! But, I did want to give you all that check this blog” a quickie! So, here is the 411:

Brooks is cutting his two bottom teethe (he is exactly 6 months old today btw!) Happy Birthday little beenie weenie! I love you SO much!! Oh, and he is also trying VERY hard to sit up. He’s not quite there yet but almost!

Millie-Mae is getting into EVERYTHING round here! I mean makeup, the air vents, every drawer, bag, dresser, wallet, lipstick, purse, diaper bag, fridge, freezer, pantry, you name it, she’s into it!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!! The joys of being a momma!!

Stephen has been working really hard to get the yard looking good for the summer! Cutting grass, trimming bushes, (the dreaded) pulling weeds, laying pinestraw, all the stuff I HATE DOING! We kinda have a deal going…he does the outside, and I do the inside. I think it’s a pretty fair deal considering he gets winters off! We don’t always stick to it…meaning we will help the other if need be, but in general we have our individual “chores”;) That be how we roll!!

We are enjoying all things spring minus the pollen! It’s BAD this year I tell ya! Anywho, I hope you all have a great week and check back…I promise I haven’t retired from blogging for my kiddos!!


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  1. Glad everybody is doing well. I guess I am one of those stalkers who love to hear what my grandkids are up to. Can’t believe Brooks is 6 months AND getting teeth. Millie is a cutie pie! I love to hear what all are up to…

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