At the playground!


The other day we decided to take our usual spring fever selves to the park! I had already taken Millie and Brooks a few times during the week and could not get Millie to swing. She is/was afraid to go high! I guess it’s that initial feeling of loosing your stomach the first time you swing. She has never been the type of kid who likes to be thrown way up in the air either!  Anyways, we met some other kids at the park the day Stephen went with us! I guess it just took a little nudge from some fellow “play-grounders” to help Millie overcome her fear of gliding through the air while attached to two long chains! She now loves to swing and for this we are delighted! She overcame a fear which makes us proud!

PS. Today I am blogging during nap time ONLY because I have both kids down at the same time!!! I love when I get days like this!!

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  1. Loved seeing everyone having fun at the park. Millie you are just like your Daddy was when he was little. Stephen always watched things before he would do them the first time. Glad you are enjoying swinging now. It is so much fun…..

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