Beau…our new puppy!


Beau is a female labradoodle and she is 10 weeks old! Her mom is a black lab and her dad is a standard white poodle. She is by far the sweetest and smartest dog I’ve ever owned! (I have only owned two other dogs besides her and that was Tripp_ our yorkie & Caroline our lab-Caroline is pretty smart too though!). We had our yorkie Tripp for 4 years and just recently found him a wonderful owner. After four long years of trying to train him to go potty and the “other” outside we decided it was time to part ways. 😦 That breed dog is just not good around children either. We caught him snipping at Millie a few times also.

So this brings us to getting Beau! She will eventually be trained on the electric fence and is the perfect “buddy” for Caroline to frolick with outside! All in all I think it was a good decision and Millie thoroughly enjoys having dogs around as does Stephen. 🙂 I guess the old saying goes, “what Millie-Mae wants, Millie-Mae gets!”

I am thinking of adding pet photography to my portfolio???


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  1. I love her!!! And she has a black lab Mommy!!?! see… Asia sent Beau your way. That’s why she’s so sweet! Don’t tell Stephen, but I think Beau looks like him. You should DEF add pet photography to your amazing bag of talents. Those are hard to come by.

  2. Beau is BEAUTIFUL and so are those pics you took of her! You are brave- two kiddos and two dogs- where do you find the time girly?! Oh and you’re saying is what we hear around our house..”If Harrison wants it, Harrison gets it!”

  3. She is beautiful and you should definitely do pet photography. I agree with Nancy – Millie has great taste.

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