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Happy 112th Birthday Dr. Denmark!!


A few weeks ago Millie, Brooks and I went to pay a visit to Dr. Denmark for her birthday. We took her some beautiful gerber daisy’s to keep next to her bed as well as some pictures from our last visit. I think she really enjoyed the visit as much as we did! She even asked if she could hold Brooks for the picture! 🙂 Hope you all enjoy! (Brooks is 5 months here and Millie is almost 2 years.)

Millie and I went to visit her 2 years ago if you remember from this blog entry:


At the playground!


The other day we decided to take our usual spring fever selves to the park! I had already taken Millie and Brooks a few times during the week and could not get Millie to swing. She is/was afraid to go high! I guess it’s that initial feeling of loosing your stomach the first time you swing. She has never been the type of kid who likes to be thrown way up in the air either!  Anyways, we met some other kids at the park the day Stephen went with us! I guess it just took a little nudge from some fellow “play-grounders” to help Millie overcome her fear of gliding through the air while attached to two long chains! She now loves to swing and for this we are delighted! She overcame a fear which makes us proud!

PS. Today I am blogging during nap time ONLY because I have both kids down at the same time!!! I love when I get days like this!!

Hello Blog Friends!

Just stopping in for a minute because well, that’s all the time I have these days (a minute)! With 2 dogs, 2 kids, a husband to feed, laundry, and lots of picking up to do, just to name a few, my time on the computer has been decreased tremendously! I am not complaining though, I LOVE my life!! I am going to start blogging at night when everyone has gone to sleep though. Ahhh, and that is what I should be doing right now….but I am up blogging? Trying to do any type of computer work during the day seems to be near impossible so this will work out better I think! Anyhow, not much new with us..just doing our crazy busy usual routine! April and May should be a little more exciting. Millie’s 2 year birthday is coming up, Jason and Amelia are coming in town, then Stephen’s birthday; he’s turning the BIG 30!!

Beau…our new puppy!


Beau is a female labradoodle and she is 10 weeks old! Her mom is a black lab and her dad is a standard white poodle. She is by far the sweetest and smartest dog I’ve ever owned! (I have only owned two other dogs besides her and that was Tripp_ our yorkie & Caroline our lab-Caroline is pretty smart too though!). We had our yorkie Tripp for 4 years and just recently found him a wonderful owner. After four long years of trying to train him to go potty and the “other” outside we decided it was time to part ways. 😦 That breed dog is just not good around children either. We caught him snipping at Millie a few times also.

So this brings us to getting Beau! She will eventually be trained on the electric fence and is the perfect “buddy” for Caroline to frolick with outside! All in all I think it was a good decision and Millie thoroughly enjoys having dogs around as does Stephen. 🙂 I guess the old saying goes, “what Millie-Mae wants, Millie-Mae gets!”

I am thinking of adding pet photography to my portfolio???