“boos momma, i wanna wear i oots”


Ok, so these pictures are to show Nana the boots she bought Millie for Christmas. Let me just tell you other moms out there **WARNING**….if your daughter is like mine, and you get her these boots, she will not take them off! They light up when she walks as well as they are PINK! Millie adores them and I can promise you that your little southern belle will too!  All day it’s “boos momma, i wanna er i oots!”

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  1. Awww Millie you look so good in your oots! Aunt Kendall needs to look at these because she found them for us. You and Sky need to get together in your pink boots.
    I can’t wait to see you in them in the mountains. Bring your snow boots too as we will probably have snow for you to play in…..

  2. Millie you have such a wonderful Nana – Nana’s are such wonderful people because they give U things like beautiful pink boots and U wear them soooooooooo well. Keep on styling!!

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