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3 & 21 month olds…


So Brooks turned 3 months old this past week and went in for his check-up. It was actually the first one since he was a newby! He is a SOLID lil man just like Millie was! Just because this blog is like a baby book for me I am going to jot down his stats:

Weight) 15lbs. 11oz.

Length) 25″

Head) 43cm

Oh, and so I don’t completely bore you here are some pictures from our week thus far. I’ve said it before and I’m sayin it again….I AM SO BLESSED! Thank you Lord for giving me 2 amazing children.


“boos momma, i wanna wear i oots”


Ok, so these pictures are to show Nana the boots she bought Millie for Christmas. Let me just tell you other moms out there **WARNING**….if your daughter is like mine, and you get her these boots, she will not take them off! They light up when she walks as well as they are PINK! Millie adores them and I can promise you that your little southern belle will too! ¬†All day it’s “boos momma, i wanna er i oots!”

Big Girl Bed!


So, last week I went to TJ Max home goods store and bought Millie a few things to decorate her jenny lind bed. We bought her a green polo duvet and a white coverlet to go at the foot of the bed. To top it off I made her a colorful quilt pillow! ( I am still working on her quilt to match the pillow) maybe I will get it done before she graduates highschool?

I took a couple of pictures today of her in her newly decorated bed! Check them out…

Millie with her sock monkey on her new bed

Hello Friends!


Here are a few snap shots from today….we all hung out in the yard today when Stephen got home from work! It was nice weather and great company. We are so so blessed to have a healthy and happy family!!! Thank you Lord for giving me all the desires of my heart. Stephen, who is an amazing husband that cares about each and every detail of my life, and is a fantastic (mother-hen) of a father. Both Millie and Brooks absolutely adore him. The second he walks thru the door each day it is da da da da! I have two exceptional, beautiful and healthy children. You are faithful Lord, oh how I praise your name!!