Millie paints with watercolors!


Here are some pictures of Millie painting for the first time. When I was little this was one of my favorite art projects to work on. Today Millie and I both painted some pictures and hung them up all around the house. It looks like an art gallery here!! It was really neat to teach her the simple steps of painting a picture. At first she just wanted to paint with the water only….and then when she got the hang of wetting the brush and dipping it in the paint colors she went to town! She is SO smart and a quick learner. It was so fun doing a craft together and spending some much needed one on one with her while Brooks was napping. Check out the adorable and oh so efficient splat mat and matching bib for all of you art projects

What kind of crafts do you like to do with your children??

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  1. Awwww Millie looks like she is having a wonderful time. I love that you are letting her paint and do her thing on her own. She is holding paint brushes in both hands – that is what her Daddy always did……

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