Caroline and Brooks


So this week we (I) did the unthinkable…I took Caroline (our chocolate lab puppy) to the groomer for a full spa day and a shave down! Yes, we shaved our lab! We wanted to bring her in some this winter and this was recommend to cut 95% of her shedding down. She has an amazing coat and looks beautiful. She has done really well being in the house some and Stephen is like a little kid in the candy store since having her welcomed into the house!

Brooks is now 5 weeks old and such a sweet baby!! He is sleeping well at night (except tonite) that is why I’m catching up on blogging! But seriously, he is the sweetest little thing EVER!!!!!


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  1. Caroline looks great! She is such a pretty Lab. Love her coloring…. Mr. Brooks is changing so much now. Love being able to see all the changes on line…..

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