Millie in the kitchen…


Last week the kids and I took a trip to Charlotte and the mountains and can you believe I didn’t bring my camera?? I could have taken some beautiful pictures but needed a break from blogging and the camera. There is no denying that Millie loves her Nana (aka Mimi aka Momma #2~!) She and Nancy hung out and did all sorts of fun things!! They baked cookies, we took Millie to get her first hair cut, went shopping and played with Bobo! I did get a chance to snap some shots with Nancy’s camera when the two of them made christmas cookies one night. This now being one of Millie’s favorite past times with her grandma. 🙂 Oh, and back to the name thing….she decided to call Nana several different names throughout our week with Nancy; one being momma, another being Mimi! So cute! Nancy, thank you for everything last week. We can’t wait till Turkey Day!!


Millie and Nana getting dirty in the kitchen!

Millie eyeing the cookie dough!

Adding pretty sprinkles!

Making a Christmas tree!

Look at all the pretty colors they added!

Millie with her Mimi/Momma!

And, the final product! Ta-da!

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  1. What a cutie Kristen. You are very blessed!! By the way, Harrison use to do that whole name thing too. He would call Buster’s mom (who goes by Gigi) Momma Gigi. It cracked me up! Oh and sometimes he calls me Momma Tia-how funny is that. I love the little things that come out of their mouths!!!

    Hope all is well at the Benton household;)

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