Daddy’s Little Helper!


Here are a couple of pictures from the other day! Since Stephen and I LOVE to have a fire during the winter, and it is getting colder, I went ahead and sent him off to pick up a truckload of firewood! Upon his return, Millie and I were waiting in the yard. 🙂 It was pretty chilly so I had Millie all decked out in her last years winter gear. She was all about helping Stephen get the wood off the truck. Naturally, he didn’t want her to get splinters so we just watched for the most part! She is SMITTEN with him as you can see….I am looking forward to having that special connection with Brooks! 

Also, I posted a few pictures from last week when we grilled out pork tenderloin! It was delicious and Millie was all about helping daddy with the grill. Again, this was a dangerous activity for a 18 month old so we just watched! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!

**Maybe the next post will be of our sweet little mama’s boy?!**


Checking out the load of firewood daddy brought home


Wanting to help carry it over to the wood pile 

IMG_5723    IMG_5749

Watching daddy unload the wood


I think I’ll sit right here in the wet grass and watch since I can’t help


The finished stack!! Looks good daddy!


Millie playing with her honey bear Dee-de made her!! 



Stephen working the grill!! We LOVE the pork tenderloin from Sams!! It is delicious!

IMG_5627    IMG_5638

Millie wasn’t aloud to help so she decided to get into my flower pots


This is her reaction once she made a mess with the dirt! She is such a sneaky little thing!

IMG_5616    IMG_5615

And again, in the dirt..   🙂 



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  1. Sweet pictures…love that hat!! I need to get one for Eli…always on the lookout for one. Leet me know if you find one out and about.

    I am counting down the days until that sweet mama’s boy is here! 🙂

    Love you much!

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