No more tears for Miss Millie!


Yesterday Millie had a small surgical procedure done and her eye (clogged tear duct) is 100% better!! You would never know she ever had a problem. She has had problems with her left eye running since birth and were told by our pediatrician to wait until she was a year to see if it would heal up on it’s own. Well unfortunately it never did so we had to go through with the surgery. We luckily were hooked up with a fantastic doctor in athens who did a great job! Here are some pictures of Millie yesterday…


Getting Millie into her hospital gown


This was right after she took some medicine to make her a little loopy


Right before they took her back-she LOVES daddy-i think he was more nervous than anyone! 


Right after surgery


Papa holding Millie right after she woke up


Millie at home yesterday…she stayed pretty sleepy for most of the day but tear!!!

after 2

This picture was taken this morning at breakfast (the day after)! You can see she is back to her normal self!



Thank you all for your prayers and phone calls yesterday. We are truly greatful for all of you-

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  1. So glad Millie has got this behind her. It surely did the trick because I saw NO sign of her runny eye in the pictures. Miss Millie is such a blessing from God! Thanks for sharing the day with us……

  2. Hey Kristin,

    We had no idea. I am so thankful things went well with that little beauty, my Benjamin has the same thing lets keep our fingers crossed. Glad to hear it all went well. Miss everyone. Lets try and chat this week, my first week of class went well 🙂


  3. Awe Kristen, I am just now checking your blog and reading about Millie’s eye surgery. I am so sorry that she had to have surgery! I know that is a common issue with little ones, but you never want to have your baby go trough that. Glad she is doing good!!

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