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Fall is in the air!


Here are some pictures from today (Sunday). The temperature and breeze were amazing as well as my company! Check out how big Caroline has gotten. Hope you all had a great weekend. Nursery pictures to come soon!








    IMG_5036   IMG_5033   IMG_5035






No more tears for Miss Millie!


Yesterday Millie had a small surgical procedure done and her eye (clogged tear duct) is 100% better!! You would never know she ever had a problem. She has had problems with her left eye running since birth and were told by our pediatrician to wait until she was a year to see if it would heal up on it’s own. Well unfortunately it never did so we had to go through with the surgery. We luckily were hooked up with a fantastic doctor in athens who did a great job! Here are some pictures of Millie yesterday…


Getting Millie into her hospital gown


This was right after she took some medicine to make her a little loopy


Right before they took her back-she LOVES daddy-i think he was more nervous than anyone! 


Right after surgery


Papa holding Millie right after she woke up


Millie at home yesterday…she stayed pretty sleepy for most of the day but tear!!!

after 2

This picture was taken this morning at breakfast (the day after)! You can see she is back to her normal self!



Thank you all for your prayers and phone calls yesterday. We are truly greatful for all of you-

{Cabin Fever}


This week has been a LOOONG one here at the Benton Bungalow! Millie came down with a double ear infection along with a few other symptoms we won’t discuss the week before. Stephen and I have been lucky so far as far as not catching her germs! So it has been a wild ride the past 2 weeks. I am praying that we get through this and can put it behind us before Millie has her eye surgery in September. Poor thing has had a rough couple of weeks. Today we got out of the house for a little play/one on one time and we had so much fun!! I think we both have had a case of cabin fever. Anyhow, we made vanilla cupcakes with butter cream icing and sprinkles one day, read ALL of her books another day, went to the pediatrician one day, and today we stayed outside as much as possible. We played at the park, took a walk, momma pulled weeds (never-ending), and just enjoyed being outside! I am thrilled that fall is in the air and I am already craving pumpkin pie, all things halloween, and starbucks pumpkin latte! These are just a few of my favorite things…here are a few snapshots of Miss Millie during our 1 week stay at home. Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

PS. Stephen is not a fan of Millie’s pig-tails….what do YOU think??  I think they are super cute!


K + M

Just chillin in my leather chair reading my current favorite book…Millie in the Garden



Sleepy little girl eating her cupcake!


This is her saying “noooooo mama”*

Hear she is thinking, “momma, I’ve had enough already!”


Dirty bare feet..but still so sweet!!





Ya’ll better come back now!