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Weekend Getaway {Destin}


This past weekend we took Millie to Destin and stayed at my dad and Danielle’s condo and it was absolutely gorgeous weather for the most part. (Thank you guys SO much for keeping Tripp and letting us use the condo). ;0  It was nice to get away from the regular grind and spend some time together before Benton #2 gets here. 🙂

Millie loved the beach and showed much more independence from when we went to the beach only a short month ago.  I mean, she was walking all over the place this trip…and getting into EVERYTHING!  She is such a blessing and Stephen and I are smitten with her each and every minute…unless she is getting into something or making a mess! Ha! But seriously, she is precious and we can’t get enough of her little personality! Her favorite word now is “no” to everything! Here are some pictures from our short weekend get-a-way. 


The first day we took Millie to Build a Bear and well, we built her a bear!  Check her out-Not something you would normally do at the beach you say, but Stephen found a really good coupon in one of the travel guide books down here and went for it since it rained the entire first day! *There is a lot that goes into making a bear! 

bab 6bab 4

bab 5

bab 2bab 1

bab 3



Our little water bug drying off at the pool

pool 1

pool 3

pool 2


Us on the beach!

beach 11

Miss independent walking on the beach…

beach 1beach 2


beach 3


beach 4beach 5

Baytowne Wharf

baytowne 1

bt 3

bt 1bt 2baytowne 2baytowne3

See what I mean??  She is all over the place!