MAB Week In Review~


Here is a little briefing of our week last week! Oh and just some fun facts about Millie:

-She has 17 teethe

-Can walk but would much rather crawl

-Weight 25lbs

-33 inches long

-No longer eats vegetables, prefers fruit (sugar)..we are working hard on changing that!

-Loves swimming, waving and saying “hi” to every big kid she encounters

-Loves to crawl under tables, into drawers, and to stand up in her highchair..also working on that! 

She is definitely on the move and into everything which is keeping me busy for the time being.  I am giving her ALL of my attention right now and I hope that this won’t bite me in the butt when Brooks is born!  She is the sweetest, most loving & well mannered child I’ve ever seen and I am not partial by any means… 🙂

I will now tell you about our week!

We stayed at home the entire day watching the MJ Tribute-such a historic day I wanted Millie to be a part of it-after all, her daddy had the sequined glove, the red zipper jacket, & the moon-walk down to a T!

mj funeral




Baby Mae on her head-Check Check!!  This is the only way Millie will push her baby in her stroller?  I promise I never pushed her around like this as a infant! 

big girl on the go!

Millie getting smooches from her Great Aunt B!  

luvvvv aunt b

Here she is playing in the sandbox!  She loves throwing/shoveling/scooping sand out of her sandbox!

sand in da hand

sand in da hand-2

Yesterday we decided to do a little baking for Grand-Bob and Mema and Millie was right there with me licking the spatula every step of the way!  Such a good little helper!  🙂

yummy staula

And Last but not least,  here are some pictures from the sunflower festival we went to on the 4th of JULY!  It was so much fun, the weather was perfect, a lot of things for Millie to do, shopping, good food and just a fun day to spend with my two faves!  This will definitely be a family tradition for years to come!  

Just the 4 of us!

family shot

Millie petting farm animals…she did not like it all that much!

farm animal 2

farm animal

Mom, I’m not too sure about this indian man?!

indian man

First pony ride-she did not like this either. We put her on the pony, got a picture, then asked for our money back…she didn’t make the ride!  

no horsy

Momma + Millie + Brooks 

me and mom

Just checking out the scenery! 


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