A little of April, May, June


Here are just a few pictures of Miss Millie as she is growing rapidly!  Sorry it’s been boring around here lately.  I promise to keep updating and posting! 

Millie and Nana in Charleston trying on the newest style in shades!

funny glasses


         Us in Charleston for Bladen and Liz’s Wedding!  One of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever been to!  

        me and big daddy!

Eating momma’s spaghetti! 

messy girl

Kendall feeding Millie Chick-fil-a ice cream with chocolate syrup!  She was fine until we got in the car to come home…note to other mothers our there: a 1 year old coming down from a sugar high= not fun!

kendall with millie             millie taking big bite

                                                          kendall with mouth wide open!!

First few times standing up!


See all my teethe people!


Silly girl!  I love being her momma!  She is always making me laugh…





Kelly and Nathan’s Rehearsal Dinner, Monroe Country Club

group picture at kelly


guys group shot

Me and Kelly on her wedding day!  Her daddy surprised her and Nathan with Hairy Dawg!!  Such an awesome wedding!

me and kelly


Here are all the Hairy Dawg Pictures we took!!!  Notice how he wore a suit to the wedding…love it!


Kristen Taylor (SOB), Hairy (UGA Mascott), Kathy (MOB) & Craig (FOB)! 


Gwynne & Bruce with “HAIRY”


Nancy & Steve with the Dawg!


Mema with the Dawg!


Griffin & the Dawg!


And last but not least, us with Hairy Dawg!! 


Play date with cousin Eli!

me eliIMG_9190

dan millie

3 responses »

  1. So glad the blog is back. I have missed seeing Millie changing. The pictures you took of the wedding are awesome. Keep them coming…..

  2. Goodness gracious Cutie Pies…Everyone looks great and missing the babies so much! Nice to see your back Benton’s looking forward to pictures.

    xo Jen

  3. I have really miss seeing all your wonderful pictures. It was so exciting seeing them. Just love the picture of Nancy and Millie and the glasses. Thanks again for sharing these pictures with us. I just love them

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