Hoppy Easter!


This year we had a great easter.  We were able to have a easter egg hunt over at Aunt Ginny’s house as well as celebrate Jason’s birthday with the Moore Family!  I thought the whole thing was a blast.  Ginny thank you for opening your house to us-such a blessing!  We also went to the Vogeltanz house with my parents for a covered dish get together which was also fun.  Nothing like celebrating Easter with family and friends!  That is one of my favorite memories as a little girl…getting all dressed up in my easter dress, going to sunday school, and then off to Mema’s for our traditional egg hunt and lunch!  I miss those days so much and want to keep that tradition going!  Happy Easter to all!  

Daddy helping Millie find a few eggs!


Dad, Danielle, Josie Grace & Simpson




Millie found a really pretty egg!


Simpson smooching Millie!


Me & Miss Josie Grace


Me and Amelia loving on each other!  Love her!


All the kids at Ginny’s!  


Daddy and his baby girl!



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  1. Love the pictures!! Josie’s hair looks crazy in our family picture:) But it definitely fits her personality!! I can’t wait to print out that one and one of you and Josie and that one of Millie checking out the egg…or should I do the one of Sim kissing on her?? Heehee so cute 🙂 Give her lots of love and hugs!!!


  2. Thanks Amber! Danielle bought those for all the girlies to wear on easter! I love it too!

    Danielle, I will put all the pictures on a cd for you hopefully this week before seeing dad on Friday! Then you can print whatever your little heart desires!

  3. Kristin, these pictures are all so precious!! From Easter to Millie’s 1st birthday, they are each simply adorable!!
    You look fabulous, too! So happy and glowy!
    Love you girly!!

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