Millie’s 1st Snow Experience..


Last week here in Athens we got more snow than Athens has ever gotten.  It was a record breaking 7 inches!!!!  I could not believe my eyes not only when the snow started falling but also when it started sticking to the ground!  Our house looked like a beautiful winter wonderland and I am sad that it is all melted away and gone…..BUT I am ready for SPRING!!!

Here are some pictures of our fun filled snow days in Athens, Georgia!

Family Portrait


Our House covered with snow fall…beautiful!


Me with my babies..


Daddy catching snow with his baby!





This was the day after the snow fall…we took Millie sledding down the hill and she loved it!  Yes, we used a trash can lid but hey, it worked like a charm!




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  1. Wasn’t it so much fun? Eli was sick so we didn’t get to get out and enjoy our snow. Love your pictures – so cute!

  2. Hey Guys,
    Your house looks so pretty. I bet Millie enjoyed that. I just said to Jason I can’t wait to hold her. She gets cuter and cuter. Really excited for our visit, especially to share Millie’s special 1st birthday. See you soon! 🙂

  3. Wow! You guys really got a bunch of snow! Wish we had that much in Braselton.
    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!

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