Baby Benton #2 first debut!


For a lot of you this will be the first of our exciting news!!!  And for others it will be a little update on the new baby!!  

Here is a ultrasound picture that was taken yesterday of our newest miracle.  He/She is only the size of a blueberry at this time.  We also did get a heartbeat which was exciting as well!  If you notice in the picture it looks like the baby is holding a balloon in it’s first picture!!  We are 7 weeks pregnant and will get to meet our newest addition somewhere at the end of October!  We are very excited and are going to be very busy!!!



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  1. Well that new baby is very exciting. Thanks for showing him/her to us. That way we get to see earlier than we thought. Looking forward to Millie turning 1…..

  2. Stephen, Kristin & Millie – Congratulations on your new Benton.
    How exciting. Love the pictures of Millie in the snow. Thanks again for letting me share your life and Millie’s 1st year. It is hard to believe she will be 1 on April 4th.

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