Valentine’s Day @ The Circus.. ♥


Saturday we took Millie to the circus and she really liked it!  It was also her first time in downtown Atlanta!  Here are a few of the many pictures we took throughout our day!  Also, thank you all who sent cards for Miss Millie!  She definitely felt the love! 

This was us on our way to the pre-show!


Stephen begged me to take his picture with the spandex brothers!



This clown was named “rainbow bright”!  Millie like her hair!


My two Valentine’s and the top hat lady!


And this is my favorite clown of all!!  I guess it was the green hair!


Then there was the first half of the show and then Miss Millie passed out so we left a little early.  I think the pre-show kinda wore her out!!


On our way home we stopped and ate at Chipotle and there was no wait yet!  It was really yummy!  


PS.  Thanks Nana & Pop for my Valentine’s Shirt!!  


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  1. Your girls look beautiful. Looks like a great time. She is has grown so much.. Can’t wait to see her. Hopefully soon, please keep us in your prayers. Catch up soon. Amelia is on vacation this week if you ever want to call and talk with her.


  2. It looks like you guys had a great time at the circus!! Millie is so beautiful and I love her outfit!! What is that cool thing you were carrying her in?? Is it a sling or something new? You guys all look great and I’m so glad you had a great Valentine’s Day!!


  3. Millie What Fun you had!! I think Mommy and Daddy had as much fun as you did. We are so excited about seeing you this weekend. Mema is looking forward to coming too.

    Your new shirt looks so good on you…… Happy Valentine’s Day

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