10 months old!



Millie 411-

i am almost crawling, i’ve actually invented what momma likes to call “the crab crawl”.  i like to move around with my arms as if i have no legs.  

i love cartoons even though my parents try to limit how many i watch..

i have 8 teeth still.

my mom likes to take a lot of pictures of me….she even barks like a dog to get my attention!

i love my daddy SO much-he always tickles me and makes me laugh.

next sunday my mommy is going to put me in the church nursery and hang out with me until i warm up to all the other kiddos!

my favorite food is a bannana.

i like to go for long strolls on pretty days.

i weigh 22 lbs.

did i mention my mom likes to take pictures?  


this is me almost crawling aka crab crawling.


me and my baby mae


daddy getting me ready for church this morning.


just hanging out enjoying the weather!


hanging out around the house in my toy basket..


me in a tutu…not sure why my mom loves seeing me in this??


swinging with my mommy! 



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  1. Millie looks like an angel going to church! Love her pink bow and smocked dress. Nana needs to get busy relearning how to smock so I can use Mimi’s patterns and make Millie some dresses.

  2. Oh – what a beautiful little girl. Hard to believe she is 10 months old. She still amazes me that she keeps her bows in. How lucky she is to have parents like you and Stephen. Thanks for letting us watch her grow and learn to do new things.

  3. First of all…love your dark hair! 🙂

    Second…Millie is such a little girl!! I can’t believe how big she is and all she is doing. Amy had gotten Eli a blabla doll (little green monkey) when he was born and he has just started liking it. Super cute!

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