Millie starts GYMNASTICS!


Here are a few pictures of Miss Millie with her open gym class!  She almost has her log roll down on the cheese mat!!  Hope you enjoy seeing my little one grow! It is going by way TOO FAST!!!!  

Millie with her new friend Stephen playing in the pool of balls!


Millie’s friend Olivia!


We met Noah today and boy is he ADORABLE!!!


This is Brock-Millie’s neighborhood buddy!


Millie playing with her bud and the bubbles!


Livi and Millie hanging out in the ball tub!  Millie would rather hang out in the balls than work on her gymnastics!


Bubbles are the bomb!


Stephen again…him and Millie really hit it off today!


Ok- well that’s all for today folks!  I hope you are all having a great start to your new year!!  


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  1. I love new posts..Looks like Miss Millie had some fun she is beautiful…. post some pictures in her pretty pink outfit 🙂 Hope you had a good walk! Good talking with you today. Talk soon!

  2. Millie looks adorable playing at the gym! Looks like she met alot of new friends – that is great. Love watching her grow on-line.


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