Cowgirls Don’t Cry….


Millie and I have been on a Brooks-N-Dunn streak for a while now, but ever since they came out with their new song “Cowgirls Don’t Cry” we have been dancing it up!!  🙂  (If only daddy were here during the day to see us line dancing in the living room!)  I really love the story behind this song and who doesn’t love Reba?! You should listen to the song on CMT if you get a has a really great message to it I think!  Also, we have a really nice boarding stable 1 mile up the road from our neighborhood and I take Millie over to see the horses sometimes!  She really loves checking them out and feeding them carrots! I wonder if she will want a horse one day like I use to??  I literally begged my dad for months to buy me one! To much up-keep though…Anyhow, here she is in her daddy’s boots in front of the Christmas Tree last night.  She reminded me of a sweet lil ol cowgirl!!!  



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