Christmas Tree + Mountain + Millie in Tow= Lots of Hard Work!!


This past weekend (Thanksgiving Weekend) we were up in Boone with Stephen’s family and we all took a trip to the Christmas tree farm!  What a memory I will cherish forever!  I must have had the Lord’s hand on me in order to make it up the hill, to get to the tree, that Stephen wanted me to look at!  Not to mention with Millie and a camera in tow! As well as Nancy in her high heels and suede dress coat….!!!  Anyhow, it was a memorable experience and will definitely be a “Family Tradition” from here on out!  We left with 1 tree for the mountain house, 1 for Nancy, Steve & Griffins house, 1 for Taylor, John and the boys, and 1 for our house!  I think the guys that cut our trees down were very happy we paid their lot a visit that day!  Here are some pictures that I captured while hiking up the hill!

Millie and Nana figuring out a plan to get up the hill


Me having trouble getting up the hill


Millie requested that her “baba” carry her instead of “mama”


Benton, Taylor, John & JC


Griffin and his tree/Griff with JC in tow


JC checking out all the tree’s


Love this one!


Millie, Mama & Baba..she is still working on her D’s for dada!


Nancy & Steve


Uncle Griff and Millie


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  1. Looks like you had a great time… that color looks amazing on you! Well I was waiting for some new pictures. Glad to see you had a good Thanksgiving…

    Take care

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