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Another tooth…that makes 7 already!


Last Thursday I was over at my neighbors house sitting on the floor playing with Millie and I noticed she has another friend in her mouth; she now has a 3rd tooth coming in on the bottom….I was completely shocked that she is getting SO MANY teethe SO early.  Anyhow, that is the newest with Miss Millie as of now.  I will keep you posted on any other surprises that may come up!  Here is a peek into my latest pictures of her!  Hope you enjoy them. 🙂





Millie’s 1st Christmas with the Moore’s!


Yesterday we went over to my dads house and celebrated Christmas with all of my extended family…..and yes, we do celebrate early with everyone to ensure that we will all be together over the holidays! 🙂  It is so hard to get everyone together when we all live so spread out and are starting our own families. We missed that Lauren, Meghan, Jason, Jenn & Amelia could not make it. Hopefully next year we will have everyone there! It was great that Chad was there too.  🙂   We had all kinds of delicious foods such as Mema’s famous Mac-n-Chesse, Danielle’s fantastic Mashed Potaoes with Cheese, Cuz Danielle’s green bean casserole, Cass’s spectacular sweet potatoes, Dad’s heavenly ham, Justin’s perfect rolls, and my very buttery butter beans! (I apologize if I left anyone out!) I was busy feeding me and Millie!  To top it all off I think we had a cake for each person there! After the food we let all the children open presents which was very exciting!  Cheers to all for making Millie’s 1st Moore Christmas such a great one.  Here are some pictures of our gathering…

Uncle Jeff and Millie


Benton Clan!


Danielle, Millie and Simpson


Jeff holding Eli, Chad & Ginny!  It was SO great to see you Chad!!!


Justin, Me and Millie…not sure who or what Millie is looking at in this one!


Ken, Elaine & Mema


My Grandmother


Me opening presents for Millie!


Millie and her Uncle Simpson playing in front of the tree.


Love this picture of Sim..


Me showing Millie her new finger puppet book!  She loves me to narrate her stories so this was the perfect gift!  


All the kids…this was a hard picture to get!  


All the “Brothers”!


Millie teething as usual!!


Thanks for stopping by and please come back now!


PS. So I have added just a few more pictures….


Dad holding Millie and Josie 


Love this picture….Dan making Eli laugh!


Ginny playing with Millie


Josie with Justin-love this picture of both of them!


Lee creating a masterpiece for Josie!


Me trimming Eli’s nails-this was the first time he had ever had them trimmed!  He was such a good boy!!


The Copelands-Eli 3-1/2 months.


Cuz Cass and his beautiful bride Melinda!


Ok-so that wraps it up for now!  We will be posting more on the Benton Christmas soon!  Stay tuned….


Cowgirls Don’t Cry….


Millie and I have been on a Brooks-N-Dunn streak for a while now, but ever since they came out with their new song “Cowgirls Don’t Cry” we have been dancing it up!!  🙂  (If only daddy were here during the day to see us line dancing in the living room!)  I really love the story behind this song and who doesn’t love Reba?! You should listen to the song on CMT if you get a has a really great message to it I think!  Also, we have a really nice boarding stable 1 mile up the road from our neighborhood and I take Millie over to see the horses sometimes!  She really loves checking them out and feeding them carrots! I wonder if she will want a horse one day like I use to??  I literally begged my dad for months to buy me one! To much up-keep though…Anyhow, here she is in her daddy’s boots in front of the Christmas Tree last night.  She reminded me of a sweet lil ol cowgirl!!!  


Christmas Tree + Mountain + Millie in Tow= Lots of Hard Work!!


This past weekend (Thanksgiving Weekend) we were up in Boone with Stephen’s family and we all took a trip to the Christmas tree farm!  What a memory I will cherish forever!  I must have had the Lord’s hand on me in order to make it up the hill, to get to the tree, that Stephen wanted me to look at!  Not to mention with Millie and a camera in tow! As well as Nancy in her high heels and suede dress coat….!!!  Anyhow, it was a memorable experience and will definitely be a “Family Tradition” from here on out!  We left with 1 tree for the mountain house, 1 for Nancy, Steve & Griffins house, 1 for Taylor, John and the boys, and 1 for our house!  I think the guys that cut our trees down were very happy we paid their lot a visit that day!  Here are some pictures that I captured while hiking up the hill!

Millie and Nana figuring out a plan to get up the hill


Me having trouble getting up the hill


Millie requested that her “baba” carry her instead of “mama”


Benton, Taylor, John & JC


Griffin and his tree/Griff with JC in tow


JC checking out all the tree’s


Love this one!


Millie, Mama & Baba..she is still working on her D’s for dada!


Nancy & Steve


Uncle Griff and Millie