New Shoes..


This past weekend we took a trip to the mall and got Millie some new kicks to keep her little toes warm this winter.  She was such a trooper when the gal measured her feet.  She wears a 2-1/2.  We bought her a 3 in the boots so she would have some room to grow.  I cannot believe that these shoes will only last 2-3 months before she outgrows them.  I will post more pictures of her new crawlers later.. check out her stylish winter uggs!!


Yes, she does say “mama” a ton now-but, as you can see she hearts her daddy!!!  Here she is checking out everything about him before church yesterday. 🙂



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  1. i love the way you love millie stephen…if she doesn’t know now, someday she will see how much you love her!! she is going to realize someday how blessed she is to have a daddy like you!! one who cares about how cold her room is at night (he went out and bought her new drapes from pottery barn just b/c he thought it was a little drafty in her room at night), one who makes sure she has every little thing possible to keep her little body and toes warm, one who makes a huge effort to be a spiritual leader and get us to church each sunday, one who realized that millie needed more naps in the day long before i did, …..the list goes on and on. 🙂 the most A-T-T-E-N-T-I-V-E dad i ever did see!

    ps.i know i am commenting on my own blog but i just cannot help it! i must give credit where credit is due…
    you are the “mother hen” of them all! you are a protective, caring and loving dad. you are a wonderful husband and provider! we are very lucky to have you in our lives. thank you Jesus for blessing me and our family..

    me and millie

  2. Love the new shoes. And yes Millie’s daddy is a very loving and caring daddy. He is so much like his own Dad. Always taking care of others and knowing what everyone needs. Millie is a blessing from God and he has entrusted her to you both to raise her. You BOTH are wonderful parents. Kristin you do such a good job with Millie. It shows in how happy and heathy Millie is. Keep up the good work……..

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