Monthly Archives: November 2008

Thank You…


Dear Uncle J, Jenn & Amelia,

Thank you SO much for sending me a pretty pink T-Shirt!  It was such a nice surprise to get a package in the mail from you…thank you also for the bear sweater from Talbots!  Mom really liked it a lot…can you send one in her size?! It may be a few more months before I get big enough to wear it!  I asked momma to take some pictures of me in my pink shirt. I hope you like them.


Millie Avery




New Shoes..


This past weekend we took a trip to the mall and got Millie some new kicks to keep her little toes warm this winter.  She was such a trooper when the gal measured her feet.  She wears a 2-1/2.  We bought her a 3 in the boots so she would have some room to grow.  I cannot believe that these shoes will only last 2-3 months before she outgrows them.  I will post more pictures of her new crawlers later.. check out her stylish winter uggs!!


Yes, she does say “mama” a ton now-but, as you can see she hearts her daddy!!!  Here she is checking out everything about him before church yesterday. 🙂



7 months old and going to the polls….historical day!


Today we all woke up bright and early and headed to our tiny town’s voting polls and casted our votes!  Millie was the youngest voter in line!  She wanted to go with us to experience this great day that will someday be in our history books. 🙂  With Stephen being the history buff that he is…we just had to let her be a part!  She got to watch daddy vote and see how the voting process works!  She even got a Georgia Voter Sticker and has worn it all day!  I also wanted to catch you all up on Millie’s milestones as she is getting much more advanced!

Millie is now:

~sitting up by herself

~eating table foods

~trying to say mama, hey & dada!

~standing up by herself while holding onto something

~cutting two more teeth

~hmm, lets see what else….well i think that just about covers it for now!  i will fill you in later if i think of anything else.  

So today is special in that 1- it is one of our country’s most historical elections in history, and 2- that Millie is now 7 months old.  What a special day!!  Hopefully McCain/Palin will pull it off…actually, hopefully enough people will get out there and VOTE!!  Happy Election Day and please vote.  May God bless our country no matter what the turnout ends up being.  Lets all continue to PRAY!

Also, below are a few pictures of Millie’s first hand painted portrait.  A family friend surprised us with this picture…it’s amazing that she painted this from a picture!  Thank you Barbara for blessing us with your “hidden” talent! Who knew you were such an amazing artist? 🙂 We will cherish this now and many years to come!!!